Is Asmodee Taking Over The Gaming World?

The Asmodee Group has announced that it has cheap jerseys entered into exclusive discussions to acquire F2Z Entertainment cheap jerseys Inc and should complete the deal For in a few cheap jerseys months.    Asmodee already owns the worldwide rights to Dobble/Spot-It!, Days of Wonder, and Fantasy Flight Games wholesale jerseys publishers, and also Jersey set-up the Catan Studio.   Adding F2Z Entertainment Inc. (that owns the Z-Man Games, Filosofia Éditions, Pretzel Games, wholesale nba jerseys and Plaid Hat Games studios) will also add key owned brands such as Pandemic (over 1 million units sold), Dead of Winter, and also publishing rights for evergreen games (Carcassonne for French and English version, Catan for French version).

Is Jerseys this the new trend as more and more publishers are snapped up and become “studios” in a bigger marketing company?
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