Six Spoiler Free Pandemic Legacy Tips

This has been a challenge. To try and write some useful tips for a game like Pandemic Legacy while not ruining the game with spoilers.   So prepare for tips with cryptic references to “rivals”, “little green ones” and “yellow things.”  These will become much clearer as you try to save the world during the Pandemic Legacy year.  Good luck, you’re going to need it.


  1. Play Pandemic first – there are a lot of rule changes to cope with in this game so it would help to know the original game first.   Click here for my review of Pandemic and here for Pandemic Legacy.


  1. Try to eradicate diseases early to make them easier later in the game – End of game upgrades can make diseases easier to cure but can only be taken for diseases that you’ve just eradicated.   These go up in stages so you need to make a start as soon as you can.  You need to make the most of the advantages the game gives you.


  1. Setup first then decide the team to play and who goes first. These are small advantages that you should use.  Choose the best characters for the tasks that you’re given to do.  Then decide which research station you’ll all start at (another early priority is adding at least one extra research station and using an end of game upgrade to make it permanent) and who goes first.


  1. Be flexible and adapt to what the game throws at you. Things are going to change and change for the worse.    It’s very easy to have a favourite role and want to play that role no matter what.  This is an easy mistake to make.

Spread out the player end of game upgrades and assign them wisely so you don’t lose too much of what you’ve built up if a character is lost.

The quarantine expert can be a hero for you especially when the little green ones appear.

You will have to accept new rules and game changes even in the middle of a game.   You just have to roll with it.    Adapt your plans and strategies and try and get through it with as little damage to the cities as possible.


  1. Avoid outbreaks – Outbreaks are deadly in this game as they cause increasing levels of unrest in that city that impact every other game you play.   This gets a lot worse as other outbreaks happen in the same city.   The yellow things will help with this too – you’ll know what I mean when you get them.


  1. Rivals are very useful to get cures – you’ll know what I mean soon.   The others are too but this seems the most useful.
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