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What is a metascore?

by Board Games Live owner Tony Hetherington.

A metascore is a comparative single easy to understand score that pulls together the many varied thoughts of reviewers, geeks and users.   They are even simplified further by colour coding.

100 – 70 – Green is recommended,

  • Any game with a metascore over 90 – Add to your collection today!
  • Add any game over 80 when you can – you won’t be disappointed.
  • Add any game over 70 if you like the genre – still a great game.

69 – 40 – Yellow is ok

39 – 0 – Red is “leave it on the shelf”.

The key word is its a comparative score to give you a quick at-a-glance summary.


What are they used for?

Metascores have many uses…

  • An instant guide to what is good, mediocre or bad.
  • If you like a game in a category then you know it’s worth checking out games that have a better metascore.
  • Search and find the metascore of any individual game.
  • Ranking a top 20 in metascore order.  Previous top 10s have been based solely on the opinion of the compiler.  These rankings are based on the metascores and carry more weight.   These rankings are live so will be updated as new metascores are added.   Click on the Top 100 or any category below.


Where are they displayed?

I attach the metascore to the featured image so that it is always visible in search results, top 10s and category searches.  If a game has a metascore you will see it.  It is also visible in Facebook and Twitter posts.


Each game entry includes all you need…

  • The metascore
  • Game details and summary
  • A video walkthrough or review
  • Links to a sample of other reviews
  • Magic buy buttons to take you to the USA or UK Amazon page.
  • Link to the Board Game geek page
  • Links to possible expansions and other versions
  • Amazon reviews



How are they created?

I have devised and tested a system that includes…

  • The scores given by a variety of reviewers.
  • The BGG score plus the number of votes.
  • Other user’s votes
  • My own opinion is included but just as one of the reviewers


Why are they all green?

I had to start somewhere so started with 100 of the best games.


Why are metascores higher than BGG scores?

BGG scores tend to be lower than other user ratings.  It must be the way they are calculated.   Please remember that the important aspect is that they are comparative.


When does a game get a metascore?

I have set some criteria that must be reached to provide and consensus of opinion and votes.  There are still a lot of older games to include.


Is it just your opinion?

No it isn’t.   My personal top 10 of games would be very different.  It actually has been very useful for me as I found at least one game that scored over 90 that I then added to my collection!   I hope you find it as useful.


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