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Use the discount finder below to find great prices on all Amazon products including great games!

How to use the Amazon Discount Finder
1. Select UK or USA
2. Select Toys as the category for games
3. Enter an optional keyword to narrow the search.  I use words like strategy or maybe a game title or mechanism.
4. Click advanced settings if you want to set a minimum and maximum price and how you want the search results displayed.
5. Click the big red Search Discount button and results will be displayed under the tool.
This works for anything Amazon sells!  Have fun with it.

Tip 1- Free Delivery Trick – Amazon Prime Trial
This trick gets a month’s free unlimited next-day delivery – which really brings the price down. . Just grab a free one-month Amazon Prime Trial – click here for UK users and here for USA gamers.  If you like it then keep it if not do remember to cancel before the month’s up by putting it on a calendar, phone app etc.

Tip 2 – Explore Amazon’s secret bargain basement
Amazon often offers 75% and better discounts, yet it directs people to other, higher profit margin products instead.
When using the tool, don’t just look at the first page of bargains, try a few. Try higher percentage discounts for cheaper, smaller items and lower percentages for niche, expensive ones. Just because something’s listed with a huge discount, it doesn’t make it a bargain or worth buying.

Tip 3 – Use the Tool to find cheap items to help you hit free delivery
Keep an eye out on delivery costs as it might be worth adding a cheap item like a card game to get free delivery (for items from Amazon itself) – use tip 1 if this isn’t possible.
Enjoy using the tool and grab some gaming bargains.

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