Tips to help you get more from Board Games Live – The Board Game App


1. Discover more in the menu

Click on or hover your mouse over the down arrows to open up more to explore. Such as the live feeds of news and reviews etc, games categories and player guides (more to come).











2. Use the social centre

The Board Games Live Social Centre is for anyone to submit links to anything to do with board games. Feel free to submit links to anything you like or even use it to promote your game, event and Kickstarter campaign. Click here to visit the social centre.


Press the blue Start Here button to get started.






3. Coming Soon – Get The Board Games Live App


Board Games Live – The Board Games App is now an app! It’s available for both IOS and Android devices so you carry all the tabletop goodies offered on  Board Games Live with you on your phone.

Click here for the IOS version

Click here for the Android version.













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