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Top Card Games

Title (Click below for more)MetascoreImageSummary
Dominion89The game that launched the deck-building genre - still a great game.
Mystic Vale Card Game80A beautiful deck building game where cards combine to create new "crafted cards" - I feel it's still developing and needs the killer expansion to add more interaction.
Nuclear War74The 1965 humorous card game that has just had a 50th anniversary Kickstarter upgrade.
Star Realms Deckbuilding Game79Deck building combat game for 2 or more (with extra packs).
No Thanks!76A card game that's a test of nerve
Red777The cut throat rules-changing card game
Libertalia79The devious card game of plundering pirates
Lanterns The Harvest Festival Board Game80A beautiful game of tile laying and set collecting
Machi Koro79An excellent city-building card game
Saboteur Card Game80An easy to play fun game for a group of players of all gaming experience.
The Grizzled84Tough and very thematic co-op card game
Hanabi82A challenging coop card game that's prone to cheating!

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