Top Co-op Games

Play together – win together – lose together

Unless there is a traitor!





Title (Click below for more)MetascoreImageSummary
Time Stories84Beautifully designed and reminiscent of the old adventure computer games.
Mysterium82In a cross between a co-op mystery and Dixit one player is a ghost
The Grizzled84Tough and very thematic co-op card game
Flash Point Fire Rescue82Exciting co-op game fighting fires and rescuing civilians.  It's fun but hard and some roles are far better than others.  Check out the Flash Point folder for all the expansions.
Ghost Stories87If you like your coop games tense and tough then this is for you
Betrayal At House On The Hill83A coop game of exploration of a haunted house before it turns into a fight for survival against the traitor among you
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island88An incredibly tough co-op game that I will happily play late into the night then again first thing in the morning.
Forbidden Island75A light family co-op game by the author of Pandemic
Forbidden Desert79A fun desert-based coop game with shifting sands from the designer of Pandemic
Hanabi82A challenging coop card game that's prone to cheating!
Dead of Winter Crossroads Game91A beautifully atmospheric zombie game that's co-op until a possible traitor strikes!
Pandemic Reign Of Cthulhu83Pandemic - the horror version!
Pandemic: The Cure79Pandemic the dice game is much lighter then the original so opinions are very mixed
Pandemic: Iberia93An excellent version of Pandemic set in the 19th Century. A limited edition so get it fast if you want it.
Pandemic85The original disease-curing co-op game
Pandemic Legacy95A fantastic gaming experience that challenges you and your emotions! 

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