Top Games Ideal For Newbies

These games are ideal for players new to the hobby.

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Title (Click below for more)MetascoreImageSummary
Love Letter82Just 16 cards add up to a great game of deduction.
Sushi Go!80The fast pick and pass sushi card game
Sheriff of Nottingham84Bluff your contraband past the Sheriff in this family party game
Formula D79The excellent and surprisingly strategic formula 1 game
Colt Express79The award-winning, deck-building, gun fight game
Camel Up82The crazy game of stacking camels that won the Spiel Des Jahres
Kingdomino82An easy tile-laying game to learn based on dominoes but a tougher game to win
Carcassonne: South Seas80Carcassonne transported to the south seas where you collect bananas, fish and shells to trade for victory point ships in this delightful game.
Carcassonne Board Game88The definitive tile-laying game. A wonderful game that can be as cut-throat as the players decide.
Catan89One of the most successful board games - I love it. I play with with friends, gamers and in tournaments.
Bang!: The Dice Game80A wild west dice game of hidden roles and deadly rolls
Pick-Omino74Chickens rolling dice to claim barbecued worms is the theme of this fun dice game
Qwixx75The addictive award winning dice game that launched the "roll and write" genre of games - but has some surprisingly varied reviews
Würfel Bohnanza77A brilliant dice game based on the Bohnanza card game.  Great to play with everyone involved all the time.
Augustus78The best way to describe this great game is roman bingo -  but much more!
Stone Age85An excellent game that's also an app - the junior version won the kids Spiel Des Jahres
Machi Koro79An excellent city-building card game
Zooloretto76A fun zoo building game based on the card game Coloretto
Karuba83An addictive tile laying puzzle game for the whole family
Saboteur Card Game80An easy to play fun game for a group of players of all gaming experience.
Cloud 980The fun game of ballooning and brinkmanship
Ticket To Ride87Ticket To Ride is perhaps the perfect board game for beginners.  It’s also a successful app and has produced numerous variations.
Pandemic: The Cure79Pandemic the dice game is much lighter then the original so opinions are very mixed
Pandemic85The original disease-curing co-op game
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