Pandemic Strategy Guide

I play Pandemic a lot!   I have and play every expansion and regularly play with 5 epidemics, virulent strain and mutants all at the same time.   In this 8000 word guide you will learn the strategies and tactics to do this.   These tips will not make you win every single time – that would be dull.  Pandemic is a hard game to win but enjoyable and challenging to play every single time.



Pandemic is a cooperative game and you must remember that everyone contributes

This is the most important thing to understand about Pandemic. It is that it is a team game and you must all work together if you are going to beat the game.   There is little space for egos, heroics or those who like to tell others what to do.

Everyone has a role with special abilities and although some are stronger than others everyone has an equal role to play in saving the world!  There are two key areas that must be addressed.

1) You must find the cures.

2) You must keep the world in one piece while the cures are being found.

You must do both of these otherwise you will fail.

You need to encourage everyone to come up with ideas as the more ideas for moves you have the better your chance of winning. If you’re not working on cures you need to be treating disease.


Assess the board

As soon as the game is set up you should take a moment to assess the initial set up.  Find where the piles of 3 cubes are, the piles of 2 and if there are any adjacent to each other.  If there are, then these become a priority as chain reactions are deadly as you are only allowed 8 outbreaks before the world ends.

Find out how remote are these pile of 3s or potential chain reactions?   Are they in easy reach of your starting location in Atlanta or in far flung places?

Have a look at the roles your team has and the cards you have between you and discuss between you…

Are you close to a cure?

How efficiently can you remove the initial pile of 3s?

Then watch out for the trouble spots – black is just one huge trouble spot with cities so interconnected particularly around Baghdad and Istanbul that any outbreaks can quickly kill you off.  Africa is another major trouble spot with its 4 interconnected cities.

Also be wary of disease in hard to get to places that may get forgotten such as Santiago, Beijing and Johannesburg.


Assess the team you have

Take a look at the roles you have.   You’ll find a lot more on the roles later in this guide.  Do you have a mix of cure finders and disease treaters?  If you’re missing one then you have a greater challenge.

Do you have any of the special roles?

How well do the roles you have work together?   Look for links. For example these are powerful combinations.

Medic + Dispatcher – This combination is an efficient disease removal machine. As the medic can take

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